Jak 2 trophies

jak 2 trophies

Jak II HD has 41 trophies that can be earned. View all the trophies here. Collect Metal Head Skull Gems ‎: ‎ (16). This video shows you how to turn the Jak Trilogy's second game into an easy platinum! Im doing a glitch that. Jak II is the second instalment of the Jak and Daxter franchise and This is the platinum trophy ; it is received after all other trophies are earned. Jak 2 Secrets glitch.

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Jak II - Testosterone trophy - Pass the Tests of Manhood mission Jump to the adjacent pole and leap to the near platform. Erhält man, wenn man 25 Precursor-Orbs gesammelt hat. Escort Men Through Sewers. Erhält man automatisch im Spielverlauf, wenn man das Siegelstück von der Ausgrabungsstätte geholt hat. Die Trophäe erscheint erst nach dem Bosskampf gegen Krew. Beat the game, kill the Metal Heads, collect orbs: jak 2 trophies

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Strip Mine, Not Yours Blow up Strip Mine in Eco Wells. Sobald Krew ein Drittel seiner Lebensenergie verloren hat, haut er ab und schickt erneut die kleinen Ektoplasma-Krews los, die mit jeder Runde aufdringlicher werden. They're pretty easy to avoid, just watch the targets they have on the ground, and continue to shoot the Baron until he has another third of his health set gone. Retrieved from " http: Complete " Win Class 3 race at stadium ". When holding large boxes, the suit's jump is decreased, and you move slower. At the end there's a chain of moving platforms. After the initial Snorkle Tooth assault muffins mit smarties you turn on a light, in the connecting passage. Jump onto the higher ledge, then take out the two Elite Guards across the area with the Vulcan Fury. Toggle Spoiler Fast and Furious: Skip the Stairs Ride Elevator up to Palace.

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Jak 2 trophies Toggle Spoiler Boing Boing Boing: Near the entrance to South Town. Level Select Orbs: Fend off the Stingers as you pick up the orb by the lava waterfall. Ride on across to save Vin and nab a trophy. Erhält man automatisch im Spielverlauf, wenn man Krew auf dem Dach der Waffen-Fabrik besiegt. Escape for the trophy.
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HAPP BIRTHDAY IGN uses cookies and other tracking technologies to customize online advertisements, and for other purposes. While you can use just or for tricks, holding both can add more points and pull off more stylish moves. Don't Let Him Get Spidermann spiele. Repeatedly tap to knock off clinging Metal Heads. Just the Artifacts Ma'am. Level Select Orbs: The CollectorThe Collectivist minions online, The Collectionator! Looks like Sig could use some back-up. When Dark Jak, jump and hit to make Jak slam the ground, unleashing a degree wave of Dark Eco blast!
They will normally attack in groups, and aren't terribly difficult to defeat. Der Kampf besteht aus drei Teilen. Grin and Baron It Defeat Baron in Mar's Tomb. At the end there's a chain of moving platforms. That's helpful for killing fat slobs. Opposite Orb 6, nestled in by the wall. Watch your back here, as Metal Head Stingers will pop out of the ground to ambush you. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, du kannst nun die Schwierigkeit und den Zeitaufwand bewerten. After escaping the Prison, after taking you're first few breaths of Haven air, you'll meet Kor, who is protecting a young boy. Sadly, that rat is Jak. The Collector Collect 25 Precursor Orbs. Copyright Ziff Davis, LLC An IGN Entertainment Games site. Just the Artifacts Ma'am Find 3 Artifacts in Mountain Temple. Erhält man, wenn man die Soduco auf der Bohr-Insel mit Hilfe des abgeschossen hat und der Kran zusammenbricht. Sollte man dies dennoch getan haben und hat die Trophäe nicht erhalten, kann man, wenn man Precursor Orbs eingesammelt hat, die Möglichkeit freischalten, einzelne Missionen zu wiederholen. When first learning the rolling jump, don't cross the gap, fall in. You have to shoot the guns to make them explode, hurting the tanker in the process. Toggle Spoiler Orb 1: Complete " Beat Krew in weapons lab ". Then move fast through the machinery maze, the Krimzon Guards above have their sights on Jak. That proof will be obtained by stealing a banner from the top of the Ruined Tower.